Cinemagraphs (an emerging artform of photography)

Our world now is full of technology and so many amazing features that helps us in our daily life routines. We now live in a society where everything is pretty much controlled by technology.

Cinemagraphs ZTechnology isn't bound by the word limits. In fact, it's not included in its dictionary. Day by day scientists and tech freaks invent new gadgets that redefine our concept of technology. With all its features, technology delivered to us a lot of entertainment means. Ranging from smartphones to online video gaming, or even simply the movie we watch at the cinema.

Movies are all about shots. It requires an extremely skilled photographer in order to produce a high quality error free footage. As technology evolves, a new form of photography called the Cinemagraphs was produced. This is a breakthrough from the old photography techniques and undoubtedly an emerging form of gifs which now looks like the old gag compared to it.

Diving deep into the topic, cinemagraphs aren't an easy task to do. First of all, it uses the program coding language HTML5 which is usually used in online video games and online slots. Online video game, or sometimes called flash games or browser games uses obviously the internet and also standard web technologies. These technologies can vary but usually what is commonly used is the HTML5 language as it is supported by phone devices also That is why you can play a cinemagraph on your phone as it uses the same coding language as flash games. This programming language requires a lot of learning in order to master it.

Skipping all this hacking stuff, this is how a cinemagraph is actually produced. What you should know first is that a cinemagraph is still in fact a photograph, the difference is just that a small movement occurs then it's recorded and played repeatedly producing some kind of a video clip. They can be published in many different video formats including animated GIF’s, which gives and impression to the viewer that it's and animation.

Simply, they're made by capturing multiple photographs or even a video recording, then using an image editing program or software combining the frames together into an endless loop of consecutive frames. This is produced in such a way that the motion is recognized as a repeated locomotion in contrast with the serenity of the image.

Kevin Burg XOriginally, the phrase “cinemagraph" was invented by the American photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who firstly used the procedure to give life to their news photographs and fashion that started in early 2011. Their definition is a play on words that echoes the idealistic fantasy that early Hollywood used for the use of Motion Picture, which was obviously stolen from the Thomas Edison motion picture camera called the Kinetoscope. This name was actually a combination of two translated Greeks words combining: Movement & To Watch. The cinemagraph is simply a retro photograph with selected movement to give the illusion of life to a directly still image. It was a gamble that paid off in a big way as Kevin and Jamie are considered to be avant guard in a Hollywood style for their eerie picture illusions. Actually these similar Hollywood casino online slots capture a form of animation that is limited but allows for brief and entertaining images to move slightly. It’s a bit more complicated and lends from GIF technology but is more advanced since gameplay can trigger certain movement that enhances the experience. These a re worth checking out since the games are 100% free and are certainly entertaining to play.

Cinemagraphs intention is to actually trick your mind with their highly alluring quality. Since it's not a photo nor a video, they trick our mind in thinking that is something extraterrestrial. In a GIF, you will find the whole image moving, but when it comes to a cinemagraphic piece, you can find only a small or minor part of the image moving for example, hair blown by wind, or legs swinging. It's just like taking a short 3-seconds snap, on a loop! Cinemagraphs is quite the exquisite form of photography and is the new evolution in the industry. It can often be described as the marriage or link between photos and videos! It also has tremendous amount of uses like Digital advertisements Websites, blogs, Email/newsletters and in Social media.