Adobe photoshop tutorials and tips and tricks

The demand for Adobe Photoshop is continuously on the rise, given its usefulness in creating and bringing out eye-catching and attention-grabbing images for the social media surfers. The once-upon-a-time secret weapon for graphic designers, is no longer remains a secret and anyone having computer access can learn the tricks and tips to cultivate and improve their photoshop skills and polishing their images.

The purpose

PhotoshopThe objective of the article is to provide enthusiasts and even non-experts some important and not too complicated tricks that saves time and effort in their workflow, helps make their projects and assignments more impressive to the eye and also help improving the productivity in providing that final touch. By following the tricks and tips below, providing the final touch and giving the polished look to your photos is now easier than ever.

Did you know

That you can select colors outside photoshop For instance, let us say that an avid Instagram user is interested in using a color from one of the images that caught his or her on the photo-sharing application. By selecting the Eyedropper tool, the user can minimize photoshop, and select the color from an image from the second window (that is, Instagram), and upon clicking inside photoshop, drag the color inside photoshop, and with the help of the brush tool, paint the selected color on the image inside the photoshop application to improve the visual for the photoshop image.

Did you know you can rotate and scale the clone anything created in photoshop?

To rotate the clone, select the Clone Stamp tool on Adobe Photoshop, and the click on the sample source, that is any portion of the image and drag it to a new layer. Once you have done that, click Alt-Shift or Option-Shift on your Mac along with the greater than and less than signs for rotating the clone source. To scale the clone, follow the same procedure as above, but instead of using the greater than and less than signs, click Alt-Shift or Option-Shift on your Mac and use the right-hand and left-hand brackets for scaling (or sizing) the clone image.

Or open the same document in two separate windows to work on specific details?

As a reader, you would wonder as to why would you want to open the same document in two windows. The reason why this feature is valuable is that you can Zoom in on the first document to work on the details, and these will automatically get reflected in the second document, as this will be seen in the overall image when you Zoom our. This tool and feature is very effective in providing retouches for your images.

Our Final Thoughts

There are numerous tricks and tips that can be helpful in improving photoshop skills and providing impressive final touches to the images. The above tricks and tips will go a long way in helping you produce impressive outcomes and also improve your project and overall productivity.