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Digital photography 12We created this website to share our love of photography with the rest of the world. We hope to attract an international audience of photographers with our content. Both amateurs and pros. And professionals and hobbyists. So basically, if you love taking pictures, this place is dedicated to you.

Martina Harris

I did not choose photography, photography chose me. "I walk, I look, I see, I photography." This is basically how I live my life. I love photography. I feel alive every moment I have a camera in my hands. I am especially obsessed with nature photography. I believe nature is the best representation of life. It is beautiful and it brings out raw feelings. I am a contributing writer for the website. I use the online name, Green Dawn. It kind of stands for everything I love. I love nature and I am obsessed with watching the sunrise.

Darryl Anderson

My favorite quote is, "To be a photographer, you have to be honest with your feelings and trust how the things you see make you feel" This is how I mastered the art of photography, and when aspiring photographers ask me how they can improve their art. I always quote the same to them. I am the website editor. My family and friends call me Pharaoh. When I was younger I was obsessed with Egyptian history and I always dressed up as a Pharaoh on Halloween.

Olivia Benavidez

I am nothing without a camera in my hands. And when I have a camera in my hands, I feel superhuman. I am a contributing writer for the website. I often use the tagline "Just laugh and take a picture." Because laughter is the best medicine for any kind of heartache. And when you put that moment into a picture then you have saved that beautiful memory and you can relish it forever. Against my will, I was nicknamed Chicken Curry. So do not be surprised if you hear anyone call me Chicken Curry. And yes, I am aware it is a weird nickname, but so is the story behind it

Karen Thompson

l’ve been obsessed with photography all my life. My mun is a photographer too and she is my biggest inspiration. I cannot remember a moment in my childhood she never had a camera in her hands. I remember being 2 or 3 years old and fascinated by this thing that was always in my mothers hands. When I was 7 years old, my mother bought me my first camera. It was one of the happiest days of my life. It marked my debut into photography. And lye been carrying around a camera since then. I love experimenting with the different forms of photography. Cinemagraph is my current obsession. I am the special events reporter for the website. My online name is Simba. I am also obsessed with The Lion King movie.

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